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Making talents visible

With talee, anyone can bring their motivation to the company. Whether it is technical like UX Design or a creative hobby like baking. Everyone can now easily network with colleagues through their potentials. And so become a talee themselves.

Networking employees

All employees have the opportunity to network with their colleagues through the diversity of events. This new network strengthens cohesion and at the same time promotes cross-hierarchy and cross-departmental know-how transfer.

Creating corporate culture

Your employees create their own corporate culture with talee. This creates an authentic image of your organization on the company profile that you can use for external presentation and recruiting - authentic content included!

talees contribution to...

In a nutshell

With talee's digital platform, employees can easily bring all their potential into the company and share it with their colleagues. Team events are created by colleagues for colleagues. Our team shows how easy it is:

Discover how varied the talees are.






This is how your organization benefits from talee


With talee you not only promote innovative processes in your company. Join us as a pioneer in the new world of work. #NewWork


talee events create authentic content that you can easily use for your communication channels. #Storytelling


You always have an overview of the KPIs of your talee organisation. Simple & clear. #Improvement


You just pay for the specific number of active users. #NoRisk

All benefits at a glance?

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